Here are links to government and other websites that can help facilitate doing business in the Republic of Panama. The links are provided by the PanaManagement™ Corporation, which provides legal and consulting services related to Panama. For more information: Contact PanaManagement™ Corporation at

  1. (Immigration Directorate)
  2. (National Representatives Assembly)
  3. (Intellectual Property General Directorate)
  4. (Panama Legislation Site)
  5. (Bank Superintendence)
  6. (Ministry of Housing)
  7. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  8. (Ministry of Government and Justice)
  9. (Site to access the Public Bids)
10. (Centralized Site to obtain information regarding governmental proceedings)
11. (Official Gazette whereby the laws are published)
12. (Site for the obtainment of Operation Communications-Commercial Licenses)
13. (Income General Directorate)
14. (Labor Law Site)
15. (Ministry of Commerce and Industries)
16. (Panama Canal Authority)
17. (Insurance Superintendence)
18. (National Environmental Authority)
19. (Panama Maritime Authority)
20. (Tourism Authority)
21. (La Prensa Newspaper)
22. (Panama Public Register)
23. (Insurance Superintendence)
24. (Unites States Embassy in Panama)
25. (Canadian Embassy in Panama)
26. (Panamanian Embassy in Washington)

Many more resources for doing business in Panama are being developed and will be provided on a Members-Only page that is under construction.