This year’s INNOVA program competition winners created unique solutions to address environmental conservation, water management and operational capacity. (Panama Canal Authority)
This month’s Canal Connection, a monthly email newsletter of the Panama Canal Authority, spotlights INNOVA, a program that instills and drives a culture of innovation at the waterway.

Each year, INNOVA crowdsources ideas from thousands of Canal employees to identify new and creative ways to impact one of five critical operational areas. In the November issue, you can learn about this year’s five winning ideas. The ideas, chosen from more than 100 submissions, are:

• A Large-scale water siphon water transfer system.
• A tool to improve transit maneuvers in fog-heavy conditions.
• A bubble barrier to help control water quality.
• A unit to protect tugboats’ propeller thrust units to lessen the likelihood of damage to Canal tugboats.
• A system to optimize the use of water in Miraflores lake for Canal operations.