Why re-launch the website in the first place?

The Internet has changed the way people communicate, and social media and other online communication methods are proving to be an extremely effective way to market and build a successful business. Designing the Panama Gateway website using the latest technology and website formatting techniques will make it easy for members to navigate and use the site, allow site managers to more easily update you on information about Panama Gateway that is important to you and useful in your business, and reduce site maintenance time.

The primary benefits of the site to the membership can be broken down into two broad areas:

1) Networking with other members. This interaction presents you with the opportunity to work directly with the leading companies, organizations and individuals who conduct business in and with Panama. It also ensures that you will be informed well in advance about seminars and workshops that Panama Gateway and our member organizations host. The best news is that, as a member, you have the opportunity to author “Guest Column” articles and invest in ad space as ways to market your firm and get to know fellow members.

2) Access to a vast knowledge base. The knowledge base that will be available through the website is comprised of content you know you can trust because it is your content and the content of your fellow members.

What type of content are we looking for that you can provide so others can learn from your experiences?

panama-gateway-guest-commentary1) Value content: How to do business in Panama, for example. From a learning and business perspective, this type of “value” content can actually be invaluable!

2) Insider content: This will be, as the name implies, behind the scenes information focusing on business practices that are available only to members. Just a few examples of this type of content are case studies and testimonials about your experiences that could benefit others.

Stretch your marketing dollars by becoming a member of Panama Gateway. The access to our knowledge-base, fellow member interaction and business opportunities are a must-have for you.

John Wallace is chairman of Panama Gateway.

NOTE TO MEMBERS: The “Member commentary” is a regular feature providing members the ability to comment, share their ideas and connect with other members.  To submit ideas for a future entry, contact John Wallace, chairman, jwallace@panamagateway.org; executive director, Sandy Champion schampion@panamagateway.org; or Tom Oder, secretary, toder@wwediting.com.